About Fleuw met een ‘o’

November 2018 I started painting on t-shirts, kind of by accident. I found paint specially made for textile and started painting on a few t-shirts of friends of mine. After that, I realized I could really start doing this, and not just as a hobby. I really enjoyed painting this way, mostly because people could wear the art I made! Now that people have been asking me a lot to make them a t-shirt, I decided to make a few designs that people can order. I still like to take suggestions about what people would like me to make for them, but now I can also work from my own ideas a lot more!

I now officially set up my own company; ‘Fleuw met een ‘o”. Right now it’s making art and selling it (sometimes while doing some healing), but who knows what will happen in the future…!

The first painting I made on a lab coat for a friend of mine.