In november, I went to the doctor with a few symptoms, mostly that my face was pretty bloated sometimes and that I was feeling very tired. I thought it was because I had something like pfeiffer, but they couldn’t find anything strange in my blood. ‘Well okay, then it’s probably because of the drinking and smoking’, I thought to myself.

Last Friday I went to the doctor again because I was still feeling tired, losing some weight (I didn’t really feel like eating all that much) and my face was still bloated. Last night I had a fever and I had some trouble breathing, so they took some blood again. Today the doctor sent me to the hospital for a picture after listening to my lungs (to see what’s going on in there). The picture showed ‘something’, that’s the size of a mango (about 16 centimeters), which made the doctors pretty scared, so tomorrow I have another appointment at the hospital to do a few tests.

My mother is flying home from America tomorrow to be there with us. My dad is still staying there because of an appointment (they are on a business trip for two weeks). My uncle is staying with us tonight and will also be there tomorrow. Because of his experiences with the hospital, he will know what to ask the doctors and what everything means. My brother, sister and I are eating tonight with a family from our town (who are actually all friends of us), to be together because we all are not feeling very good.

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