I’ve noticed that my friends are a little more scared than I am, so I got a bit anxious when they came to visit me at the hospital, even though I really enjoyed seeing them. I made the choice to not do the whole hospital thing and to try healing me myself (with the help of some people ofcourse). I actually don’t feel scared and I do feel like this is the right choice for me. I also feel like I have to stop taking over other people’s fears because it’s not helping me. It actually makes me feel like I have a harder time breathing when I take over fears like that.

My mom called a friend from college of hers, Yvette, who is now helping to find a place to stay, hopefully close to the beach. I don’t feel like I should be at the hospital or at home for a few weeks, so we have to find a place to stay. Yvette told me about people who heal themselves from cancer by eating only plant-based and I actually feel like it could really help me too, so I decided to do the diet too. So now I have two things that can help me get better; the diet and the enegetic work (releasing emotions and stuff).

It could take a few days before they know what is the weird thing between my lungs and heart, but I don’t feel like waiting for the final results, so we will just leave ASAP (so tomorrow, haha)

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