Today I started taking some steps!!!!

4 causes of cancer:

  • swallowing your emotions
  • waiting for other people to grow (up)
  • using excuses to not grow – not standing behind your actions
  • caring more about others than yourself

Today they took a biopt, which they describe as a small operation, but I REALLY didn’t enjoy it. When I got back from the operation room, I couldn’t stop crying, I guess I just really don’t like needles (this one was about 20 centimeters I think and went right above my right boob, so it was hard not to look). But lucky me; Jip, a friend of mine from my town (we’ve known each other for about 17 years now I think and our families are friends too), and her mom came by with pie, which was really good :). 

<On the picture is my sister (Juliët) on the right and Jip in the middle:


Irene came by today to give me a treatment. I really enjoyed her being here, because I felt like it really clicked and that she really helped me. Talking about my feelings makes the pressure on my face, back and throat way less. I can say what I feel, and this will help me more than medicine, because it helps the cause of the disease and radiation will only help the consequence of the trapped emotions. Irene gave me the book ‘Be Happier Than The Dalai Lama’, written by José Antonio Manchado. She told me to read the chapter about forgiveness, so I did and I noticed that forgiving people is waaay easier than I thought and that it makes me feel really relieved!

On the picture is me (and my hospital lasagne) and Irene>

Visualization: Feel the love of everyone around me and letting it flow out of my heart, to the place of the tumor. See how it gets softer and smaller because of the energy and love.

3 things I’m grateful about today:

  • That I met Irene
  • That I found out that I can show my feelings and that I can also let them go
  • That I can let people in and that I can forgive them, even when I have been mad at them for a long time

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