I’m dreaming a LOT. Mostly about friends and weird situations, because friends from 4 years ago (who I’m not talking to anymore) are hanging out with friends from right now at a party where the time is 01.00 AM, while I thought it was 09.00 AM. I noticed that a lot of things from the past years (I did not have the best time at school) that I feel bad about, are coming back in my dreams, but in a situation that a friend of mine is going through what I went through. I’ve always been interested in dreams, but I don’t get how it works and in what way it is a reflection of your normal life.

My mom made a smoothie with celery, green apple, carrot and lime this morning, which I really liked. This week a cook (called Greethje) is coming to cook for us for the next 3 weeks, because we all really don’t know how to cook the right way in this situation. I had a facetime conversation with Tamar, Mara and Andrew, a few friends of mine from college, which I really enjoyed.

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