Today I started with the juices and salads (the salad for dinner, because it’s nice to really eat at least something on a day). Greethje and Yvette came here last night, with Greethje’s dog.

Eugenie, a friend of us who also lives in our town, came by this morning to do a session (she does BodyTalk). Tonight I will go to a friend of my parents who will help me by doing enegetic work. My dad is staying here tonight and he will drive me to that friend in Amsterdam. I noticed that I do enjoy talking to people via WhatsApp, because I feel like staying in touch, but I’m also really glad that It’s not all a madness anymore on there because of all the messages of people. I also enjoy it a LOT when people send cards and that when someone from home is coming by, that they bring cards with them.

Yesterday we went to the hospital for a Thorax picture and the atmosphere there was not really nice actually. The picture showed that the tumor didn’t grow, but that it also didn’t get any smaller. I’m pretty sure it got smaller, but that it just isn’t really clear on the picture.

<My sister and me at the hospital, waiting a loooong time at the pharmacy (we had to wait too long, so we left and went somewhere else for the Fraxiparine haha)

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