I decided that I want to go to New Zealand. I had a Facetime with Irene and later with Tamar. They both went to New Zealand before! Tamar is coming in two days, so I can ask her some questions about where I should go. Irene told me to already plan the trip, because it’s good to be busy with positive stuff in the future and to not be busy with being sick the whole time.

I noticed that there were some people holding me back in a way that I want to go back to how my life was, while I feel like right now I get the opportunity to really break free from my old patterns. I talked about it with my mom and with Tamar, which already felt really good, but I feel like I have to ask Yvette to help me a little bit with letting go of some people.

Yvette came later today and I asked her some tips and stuff that might help me a little further;

  • Movie: E-Motion (I still haven’t watched it yet)
  • Two visualizations on a day (morning and evening)
  • The chapter of Het Levenscollege about Healing & Bewustwording
  • Moving a little more (yoga, dancing, etc.)
  • Greethje knows a few breathing exercises which are really good

I forgot to ask her about how I can let some people go (in a way that I don’t have the feeling of being held back by them), but I forgot so I will ask her later. We did a visualization together and danced a little (I’m still not very comfortable yet, so we danced with our eyes closed).

On the picture you can see me on the right, Greethje in themiddle and Yvette on the left >

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