Giving some presents to the sea

Yesterday one of my best friends, Sterre came to Noordwijk. We walked, made some music (she brought her ukelele), we did some arts and crafts and we drank a lot of tea. It was really nice that she was here, because my parents are around me all the time and I enjoy talking to friends right now.

At night, my mom and dad and me walked to the beach, stood in the sea and we all imagined how the sea helped us letting some stuff go. I noticed that I’m really lazy and I find it hard to really go for things, so I imagined that the sea took that part of me. I think we yelled over there for a while at the sea, I think it was really loud but no one came to rescue us, so I guess it sounded louder to me than it was haha.

Today my wisdom teeth are hurting a lot and it’s hard for me to be active and do stuff. I did do yoga with my mom and a friend of hers who teaches yoga to people. Hidde (my little brother) and my dad came with my two dogs and a lot of cards and presents I got from people. I noticed that people are more scared than I am, but it’s still really nice of them to think about me and send me a card or something! I feel like I am getting more and more energy and I lost about 3 kg since last week.

Crazy stuff: last Friday, when I felt bad, apparently about 46 people meditated for me!!!! This weekend it was about 17 people. Greethje told me that a man with cancer, who is 85 years old is now going to do the same thing as me because he doesn’t feel very good about the hospital.

Today I will give the fears and emotions of other people to the sea and in the future, when I start to notice that I’m taking those things over again, I will drop it into my heart and then into the ground.

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