Going on a journey

Today I did ‘The Journey’ (by Brandon Bays) with Bonnie and Yvette. We went to the place of the tumor and I noticed that I picked up some emotions and heavy stuff at my school last year (I did psychology combined with art). They told me how I could visualize a sun between my heart and my stomach that fills my body with light, so no emotions can enter. They also told me that other people are scared most of the time and that they make decisions out of fear, which really explains a lot of things haha.

I also learned that the overthinking, which I do a LOT, isn’t mine and that I can be right in this moment (just like meditation), so I don’t have to think about the past or future. It wil help me to feel way better what I need at this moment and that I can be grateful for everything. I’m not sure if I completely understand it, but it kind if makes sense to me.

I got a massage from Valou, a friend of Yvette, Bonnie and Greethje, which was amazing!!! She could really feel where the emotional blockades were and I felt sooooo relaxed… 🙂 I went to a beach club with Yvette and we walked on the beach for a while. I notice that it’s a little hard for me to be around a lot of people, because I feel a little emotional, but I practiced how to visualize the sun between my heart and stomach and it really helped me

Yvette and me at the beach >

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  • That people take the time and effort to send me a card or message. And that they sometimes even call or come by in Noordwijk!
  • That I got the chance to learn so much like this at my age
  • That I’m stronger than I thought

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