I can’t stop thinking about cheese!!!!

I’m not going to lie; I haven’t felt very good the last few days. This afternoon was the worst I think, because I was really tired and I couldn’t stop crying so I went to bed (most of the time I actually don’t know why I’m crying). When I woke up, I was feeling sooooo much better! Apparently, Yvette, Greethje and Bonnie (a friend of Yvette, she also knows a lot about food and the crazy things that are possible when someone is sick) did a meditation for me with a few friends of them when I went to sleep.

I found out that Non-Hodgkin means that the tumor is malignant. We received 2 papers with a LOT of text, but it came down to a Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, aggressive. I don’t think other information is relevant, because I noticed that it only made me sad and it made me feel really vague in my head.

I can’t stop thinking about cheese!!!!!!!!!!!

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