I arrived in Noordwijk (yessss, we found a place close to the beach) feeling a bit sad, because I was at home. I’m not even sad or mad about being sick, but just about not feeling very good at home. A friend of Yvette cleared the house in Noordwijk – really cool guy.

It was really good to see Irene today and I’m REALLY excited to start the whole ‘project’, even though I can’t stop thinking about cheeseburgers… I also feel a little sad about not being at home and that people think that it is a bad thing that I’m sick. A friend of mine asked if I’m not scared of losing all of my fun little ‘ticks’, but I’m not, because I feel like I’m only going to learn how not to feel other people’s emotions.

My head is really tired, but it feels really weird to do nothing when my mom and dad are working so hard to arrange all kinds of things for me. I definitely don’t feel scared, mostly excited about the next scan to see how the tumor is getting smaller. My body already feels way better after eating a lot better, the distance work from a lot of people (apparently, there are about 5o people praying for me right now!!!!) and knowing that I will definitely go through with the whole thing! I did notice that I’m a lot of the time busy with when I will be done and the cancer will be gone, but I feel like I have to focus right now.

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