I had a call with Yvette, she gave me some things that might help and/or inspire me:

  • Het Levenscollege (she set this project up with Bonnie, right now she recommends chapter 6 about Radical Remission, chapter 3 about the Healing Power and chapter 5 about becoming master of your own life)
  • Movie: The Gerson Project
  • Movie: E-motion

I went to JuliĆ«t’s hockey game, which was really fun! I played hockey too last year so I knew the people from her team and of course they heard the news about the cancer so it took a little energy to talk about it to them, but it was actually more fun than I thought.

My dad and I also went to the beach to play Beachball and I noticed that it was really good for me to move a little in that way, so it’s a good one to keep in mind! Tamar, a friend of mine from college last year told me about ‘Plantasia’, music plants really love, so I decided to take care of my plants this afternoon and give them some sunshine, music and love.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  • Yvette
  • That there are people who are really standing for what they believe in and that they don’t care if they get electrocuted by the government (I read the biography of Alfons Ven haha)
  • That I can stop giving a shit about other people’s opinions (happens more often now!!!)

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