Today we went to the hospital for a CT-scan, my doctor was comparing this scan with the last one, so he wasn’t really positive. But the picture did look positive, comparing to last week ;).

Tamar came to Noordwijk, which I’m really excited about. I’m also really excited about going home tomorrow!!! I feel like I have some things to learn like letting go of fear that isn’t mine and being in the moment and stuff.

The doctor took two cards and a present from the oncology department, because I was already gone there when they arrived. I was just telling him about how good I was feeling and when I opened the present with the pineapple in it, I said ‘Oh, what a beautiful orange’. So he reacted like ‘Uuuuuh… Are you sure you’re okay…?’ Haha.

2 things I’m grateful about today:

  • That the tumor got smaller (even if it’s a little bit)
  • That the doctor shows understanding even if what I do is totally not what he believes in

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