It turns out that I don’t have to worry about losing my fertility, because there is a small change that it happens with this chemo. It is actually better than I thought; I get four days of chemo, then I have two weeks to let my body rest and get better and then another round starts. They can adjust the heaviness of the chemo based on how I react on it, so it won’t be too heavy. The treatment is apparently very good for the kind of cancer I have, so it will definitely help me very good. I do want to keep making pictures between the rounds, so we know what happens every time.

I actually feel pretty good about doing the chemo now, because I really want to get better and if this is the way, I’ll definitely do it. I feel like it will help me and that I will help my body by continuing what I’ve been doing the last few weeks. This does mean that I probably need a room for myself, instead of a room shared with others. I will keep making fruit juices every day I have been making lately (about 6 juices a day, which is only half of what they do with the Gerson Therapy; a therapy that helps detoxifying your body by drinking 13 juices a day. There is also a movie about how it works). The slowjuicer makes a lot of noise and I know for sure that I don’t want to eat the hospital food.

In this thing I had to lay for 20 minutes

Today I had a PET scan and I honestly think that it went terribly wrong, because there was a woman coughing op phlegm (I think this is the right translation for ‘rochel’?) next to me and I couldn’t stop laughing (it was really really gross). I actually had to lay still in a room for half an hour because the fluid that they give you has to get into your body and it apparently takes half an hour. Tomorrow I will get the result of the test when I check in at the hospital, but I feel like it’s not really that exciting for me, because I’m starting the chemo anyways.


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