Yesterday I turned 18!!!! The day started with, of course, my family singing for me. We had a nice breakfast (with some presents J) and then I got ready to go to Ynco, a guy who cured himself from a tumor by meditating and eating warm energetic foods (I’m not really sure what that means, but it sounds a bit like Indian food). We had a really nice conversation and he helped me a bit more with releasing some emotions (he is kind of a psychologist). Then my mom and I went to the supermarket to buy some wine, because now it’s legal for me to buy haha. Of course, I bought almost the cheapest one, because we have too much wine at home.

When we got home, Jip and her family (who have all really helped me from the beginning), Yvette, Sterre, Tamar, and my family had a really nice dinner in the garden. I told them about the book ‘De verjaardag van de eekhoorn’ (the birthday of the squirrel) and how I loved it that all these people were here to celebrate my birthday, no matter what the circumstances were. We were just having a really good time, that was all that mattered.

A few days, we got in touch with a doctor in the Netherlands who is setting up a hospital without medicines for cancer patients, called Henk Fransen. It was really good to have a conversation with him about the food, releasing emotional blockages and vitamins. He also told me that I could drink some wine on my birthday, so that’s also something I like him for ;).

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