So you probably know the feeling of finding something so awesome, you want to tell everyone about it, because everyone just HAS to try it out! I have this feeling with the experiences I had the past week…

kind of what a healing looks like

I was feeling like shit at the hospital, went home and two days later, while still bringing a bag just in case I had to puke again, I went to a ‘Group Healing’. This was an event where 25 people would get a healing, all of them with a physical, emotional or mental challenge. When I got there, I was feeling very shitty because of my physical state, but mostly because of all the fear I was feeling. José Antonio Manchado was doing the healings with people, while using Tibetan Energetic Healing; Rigpa. He started with talking really lightly about how ‘this and that person’ just healed from another chronic or terminal or deadly disease and I was just stunned about the way he was talking. But once he started doing the healings, I was blown away even more. He would ask someone what was going on in their lives that brought them to the healing, then he would do something with his hands, which kind of looked like resetting a computer. The person would just fall down and start crying, being angry, laughing or shaking. When it was my turn for a healing, he asked me to close my eyes and I was feeling so much space when he started the healing, that I completely relaxed and fell down too. Later, when I stood up, he asked me to breathe in deeply, which of course, I couldn’t really since there was a mango pressing on my lungs. He said ‘hmm, let’s give you some oxygen’ and there I fell down again. When I breathed, I was completely blown away; I felt the breathing all the way to my toes!!!!

During the healing, he asked me what I wanted to do when I’m healed, so I told him I want to travel, do healing and inspire others. He asked me to help him a bit with doing the healings, so I just put my hand on some woman’s chest and she suddenly went down…! It kind of felt like Avatar or Star Wars or Pokémon or something. When I got home, I felt so much energy!

On grandma’s funeral

The next day, I went to the funeral of my grandma, where I kind of felt like a celebrity. The whole family had of course heard about what was going on and wanted to talk with us. I decided that I wanted to talk a bit during the funeral to the guests about ‘the birthday of the squirrel’. I felt so much power while talking to these people and enjoyed it a lot! I had a great day talking to everyone and I felt a lot of love from my grandma also hanging out there with us, so there was almost no sadness. It was just great being together there with everyone!

Hanging out!!!!!

Later that week we had a few more workshops with José and I could help him a bit more with the healings. I could learn the first level of Rigpa (the form of healing) from my mom, because I couldn’t be there on the day of the seminar since I was at the hospital. I saw some friends, which was great! Only, my hair started to fall out, which I’m feeling a bit restless about. It’s not going really fast, so I hope it will be fine.

Anddd…. I had a scan yesterday; turns out that the tumor is 4 centimeters smaller in a week!!! I will start the next round of chemo tomorrow, which I’m feeling pretty okay about. All the blood results look really good too. Now I don’t have to be at the IC, so I will be able to move around and I won’t hold onto so much water.

Having dinner to celebrate the scan result and eat some good food before the next round of chemo

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