A gooood flow

Soooo… I went to the hospital for another round of chemo. You know how I wrote about the last round and that it was kind of shitty at the end? Well, it was completely different this time! I could stay at the hospital for 5 days shorter, just to get the chemo. After that, I could go home. I didn’t hold onto more than two kilo’s of water, so I was feeling a lot more fit than before. I was on the bike a lot and just hanging out more. Some friends came by to visit me and I ate a lot of nice food, not the gross hospital food :P. I wanted to go to Gran Canaria two days after getting the chemo, so I discussed this with the doctors. They said I would be fit to fly, but just not fit enough to be in Gran Canaria by then; my white bloodcells would drop to zero so I could get an infection very fast. If I would get an infection, I would be too far away from the hospital to get antibiotics. So we decided to do some healing with this part; we did healing on my thymus, for releasing the white bloodcells. Also, I boosted my immune system with bee polls and other immune boosters.

When we were at the airport to leave to Gran Canaria (okay so I’m a bit stubborn sometimes and I just wanted to go…), the doctors called me to say that my white bloodcells looked good enough for me to be in Gran Canaria, so it would be fine if I’d go. Later, we looked at the test results and it turned out that instead of dropping, they went up to a level of 14!!! Usually, the level is between 4 and 10 :P. So there we went, on a plane with a shitload of white bloodcells, on our way to Gran Canaria. I was feeling a lot better than the round of chemo before, I only had like 1,5 day of nausea and a lot more energy!

The retreat was with José and all the great people I met before at the events. I made a lot of new friends, danced, meditated, hugged some trees and did a lot of healing. The atmosphere was amazing! Sometimes I was feeling a little low in energy, but the healing and meditation helped a lot!

After returning, I had another scan and it turned out that the tumor went from 10 to 6 centimeters! I kind of feel like I can continue the healing by myself now; I feel like I’m in a great flow! We had some conversations with the doctor about this and I feel really good about it! This also helps to get a lot less damage in my body in order to just get out a tumor…

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