It feels like I’m on some sort of drug that makes me feel really relaaaxed… I think it’s because of the antibiotics, chemo and prednisone. No matter what makes me feel so good, I’m fine because it helps me to receive the chemo better and to feel more relaxed. My face is a little bloated because of the prednison. Also, it feels like there’s some pressure on my feet and hands. The IC is actually better than I thought, even though I can’t get out of my bed (I’m attached to like a billion things that give me the chemo, prednisone and water. Other wires are watching my breath, heartbeat and pulse. The doctors tried to put another wire thing in my wrist, but it failed on both sides, so now I have to put a cap on my finger that checks the amount of oxygen in my blood.

Yvette and Bonnie came by today and we talked a lot, did some visualizations and Bonnie massaged my feet. It was really funny, because when I was peeing (I have a special chair that has a pot in it next to my bed) and Bonnie and Yvette had to wait in the hallway, Bonnie was sending some energy to a few people (almost everyone here is in a coma or some sort of thing). She told me that a guy suddenly woke up and looked at her with really big eyes, so she was like ‘haha yeah, that’s right’.

We’re all a little confused, because there are three kinds of doctors and two kinds of nurses (from different departments; hematology, intensive care and cardiology) and they all keep telling us different things. Also, my doctor is going on a vacation, so we have another doctor we should ask questions to. Should be fine, right?

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