freedom!!! (almost)

I had the last bag of 30 minutes last night and it made me feel pretty sick. I was not a big fan of taking the medicine for the sickness, but eventually I took it because I couldn’t keep puking… I also had the epidural, which gave me a really heavy headache. I heard that it can last for a week, but fingers crossed that it will get better…

They took a thorax photo (the pictures I usually have) and I had an echo. Both didn’t show any progression, but they don’t really expect anything from the first round.

But I also have some positive news: I could leave the IC and go back to the hematology department! I can now go outside and walk around whenever I want. So this afternoon we went there and I noticed that my legs are really weak. Apparently, muscle tissue breaks down and builds up really fast. Luckily, I have the space and time to work on that.

We went to the cardiology department to get a holter to check my heartbeat. I will have to keep a journal about everything I do and around what time. I stay at the hospital for the weekend and on Monday I will go home, so by then I can give them the holter. It feels really good to be free from all the wires and to be able to go to a normal toilet and take a shower :).

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