I decided to quit the chemo a few weeks ago, which made me think about what I want to do to really support the healing process. We got in contact again with Henk Fransen (the alternative doctor I told about earlier), he told us that he’s in India and that he’s at an Ayurvedic retreat. He was sooo super excited about it, that it got me wondering if I should go there too… I decided to take a look at the retreat and oh my gosh it looks amazing! A lot of nature, treatments (massages), a special diet and natural medication. I was so excited about it, that I decided to go there. They already had a place for me within two weeks, so I will go there in a few days..!

At the CD presentation

In the meantime I had a scan and the tumor was just the same size as before, so it will not be a problem for flying. I wasn’t really excited about this outcome to be honest, but I guess it’s better than growing. Also, Irene had the presentation of her CD! I gave her the design a few weeks ago and I could come to the presentation :).

The CD!

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