Moving to the hospital

Today I went to the hospital and got all settled in for the next few days, when a whole circus of doctors came into my room (it’s still an academic hospital so only one of them was the real doctor, who also talked a little like a witch so it was definitely an interesting experience). So apparently the PET scan is a little exciting for me to see, because the tumor grew into my heart and also went to my pancreas and a kidney. That means that I will receive the chemo in the Intensive Care department, because they want to watch how it changes in my heart. I feel like I’m here anyways, so I could also just go to the IC and get the chemo there. It’s still a hospital with doctors and I’m still getting chemo and I’m definitely getting better.

Tonight I will stay at the hematology department, so I could already start my antibiotics and I had the first epidural (I will get two each round; one at the beginning and one at the end). This has the chemo for my brain, which I apparently need, because the tumor goes to weird places and does weird things it normally doesn’t do. I’m not very happy about the operations, even though they are very, very small (like getting the infusion and the epidural). I think it’s because of the long needles, because I feel a little sick when they start doing something and I’m looking at it.

I do worry a bit about losing my hair, which I had a conversation about with my mom and she had the idea to cut my hair short and donate a part to people who don’t have hair. I’m actually really excited about this, if my hair falls out or not.

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