A month…!? I could stay here for a year!

A few hours ago I arrived at the Maitreyi Vedic Village. The traveling alone was a little chaotic, because the airport of Mumbai felt like a cage with a lot of stressed chickens who didn’t know what to do or where to go. Luckily, I met a really nice guy at the first plane (from Amsterdam to Mumbai) who helped me out a bit. I actually lost him at the airport somewhere, but I had to continue to my next plane, because I was really late. Because of all the chaos and all the times I went to the wrong place, I learned that I just have to ask someone when I don’t know where to go haha.

At Schiphol with my mom, Juliet and Jip>


After arrival I had a shower, breakfast and I met my doctors (a couple who help everyone here). We just talked a bit about how I used to behave, feel and eat so they could see what my Doshas are and what kind of treatment would be right for me. After that I went to sleep and slept so deep that I missed lunch and also the call from my doctor to tell me that lunch was ready, haha. I went to the doctors for a consultation after sleeping and they told me that My Doshas are mostly Kapha and a little Vata and that my Kapha was too much there, so an inflammation took place, which caused the cancer and that my Vata is out of balance. They got the information out of feeling my pols and the stuff I told them about myself. We talked about the vitamines I take daily and that I can slowly stop taking them, because I get medicine and special kind of food and treatments here. The f

irst 3-4 days I will not get any treatment (treatment here is mostly massages), so my body can get used to the food and medicine slowly and I can rest from the jetlag and the trip. The food I will get for the upcoming few weeks will be no salt and some fruits and vegetables (that’s all I know for now).

The atmosphere here is reallllyyyy calm and down to earth, nothing like the stressy atmosphere I got out of at the airport and on the road. There are a lot of kittens walking around, I even saw a dog! They have a rule here that there will be no killing any animals or trees, which is why the whole village has a lot of trees. There is one really big tree, which I like a lot and to just sit and write or meditate. The people are really nice and I after a few hours I already feel really relaxed and if this is what I feel like after a few hours, I’m really excited about how I will feel after a few days or weeks!


<The view from my room



The house I stay in>





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