Today I went to the doctor’s teacher with the doctor and Ulisse (an Italian guy from the centre)It was a three hour drive, so we spent almost all day in the car and going from the one place with food to the other (at only the fifth stop we didn’t get food). This was the first time really seeing India (in the taxi on my way to the centre I slept almost the whole time) and it was really nice to experience!

  • First stop: chai tea and a snack (I forgot the name…)
  • Second stop: doctor’s teacher – I went there, because the doctors have never treated a lymphoma in the centre, so they had to check if the treatments and medicines I will receive are right for my situation. He checked my pols again and asked me a few questions. Afterwards, he told me that I should drink less water, because I am mostly kapha and thetumor was caused because there was too much water in my whole system.
  • Third stop: lunch 🙂 – we had dosa’s, those are amazing!!!!!!!!

Dosa’s for lunch>

  • Fourth stop: a primary school that teaches the children, next to the normal subjects, about the Ayurveda. Itwas really beautiful there, even though they were still building al lot.


Even though Ulisse and the doctor look a little misshaped here and there, I still love the pictures of the school:


  • Fifth stop: Ulisse wanted to buy some jewellery forhis wife and daughters, so he decided to stop in a town (I forgot the name) to go to a shop where they sold golden jewellery. After a while, he chose a ring and a few earrings, but it took really long for the receipt to come out of the machine. He tried to pay by using his credit card, but it didn
    ‘t work. He tried two others, but they also didn’t work. Then he wanted to pay in Euro’s, which they accepted at first, but somehow not anymore after a few minutes. Ulisse decided not to buy the jewellery and walked out. I think we went to the store for an hour and a half with no result, but it was kind of fun to experience. Because it took really long and the doctor actually had to leave to go home, he decided to go. The funny thing was, that the doctor was translating everything between Ulisse andthe guys who were selling the jewellery, so when he left it was mostly just shouting some english words and pointing at things haha. Luckily, the driver decided to join too because it took really long, so he could translate a little bit.
  • Sixth stop: Dinner!! We didn’t get anything the menu was saying, so we just asked for dosa’s and still got something else (of course, it was still very good). I was still kind of hungry, so I decided to take something to eat during the last part of the trip (we still had an hour and a half to go). This time, we succeeded to order a dosa!!!

<The dinner was 354 rupee (that’s €4,23), even though I ate two dishes and we had a desert.

During the last part of the trip, Ulisse showed me an app that can show the way your planets are standing and moving by filling in your day and time of birth. He also knew for a part how to read them, so he told me a few things about the phases of my life and how hecould read that from the planets. It was really crazy, because it all really resonated with me. He told me that some people at the centre also can read my planets and that it could be good for the treatments to know how it looks right now. I noticed that I’m really interested, so I definitely will ask for a session! Maybe I can learn it somewhere too, but I will see how it all unfolds ;).

We got back at around 23.00 pm, so I was pretty tired (actually less tired than I expected at first, I think because of taking a lot of rest the last few days). In a few days my treatments will start, which I’m really excited about. The diet is actually still really good, even though the doctor said to enjoy the days without the diet, haha.


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