Giving days more life

Since Monday last week I’ve been hanging out at the hospital. On Thursday I can probably go outside. Subconsciously we choose the situations we end up in, so of course, I’ve been wondering what I’m doing here while there’s a workshop of Rigpa 3 and a whole week of pretty cool events with the Rigpa family. The teabags of a lot of some kind of teas have these quotes, today I got the quote ‘It’s not about giving life more days, but giving days more life.’. I had been talking to Yvette about what to do when I get bored. I can walk around the elevators here, but most of the time I spend in my room. She told me that she just paints her boredom in colors and shapes. So I had a really big paper, as big as me and I hung it on the wall (since I’m not allowed to paint on the walls here ;P). When I was starting to make a really messy, boring painting, a friend of mine, Annick, walked in. I knew she was visiting me and we were really excited about playing the hangdrum together. We talked mostly about some hospital stuff (she had the same type of cancer a few years ago) and art. She started to play on the hangdrum and I was blown away by the way she was playing! Of course, I knew she plays percussion in the same band as a friend of mine from high school, so she’s really good at not thinking while playing. She invited me to play with her, which helped me so much with opening a lot of doors in just playing and feeling. Afterwards, I played for at least an hour because of the amazing flow that I was feeling! The ‘boring’ painting got a lot of bright colors and funny shapes because of my mood. I’m starting to really feel how it doesn’t matter where you are or what you do and that sometimes you can just stop for a while with constantly moving forward and just enjoy being here and now. Of course, I got a pretty good way to practice like this, since I can’t really go any further than this section ;P.

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