Today I suddenly felt excitement about writing a blog again! I haven’t written in a while (a pretty big one actually), mostly because I find it hard sometimes to really put into words what I’m experiencing and discovering. I’ve been working on some pretty cool stuff; I’m working on a book with my sister about depression and expression (click here for some info!) and a project with some people of my age in which we discover what everyone would like to see in the world. Through art we are going to work out our ideas and present it in some way. I might post some more about this later, because it’s pretty awesome. I’ve also been getting more and more interested in how there are more and more children/young people who seem to be super intelligent in many different ways and really aware about what is going on in the world. I’ve visited a school (not officially a school, but it’s easier to explain it in that way) where children between 5 and 18 years old who fall outside of the school system can discover their talents and develop them. Instead of trying to learn stuff that doesn’t interest them and/or makes them feel depressed, burned out or just really lonely, they learn how to be themselves. They get guidance in a really free way; no tests, grades, expectations, etc. It’s so beautiful to see how they feel seen and understood in a place like that!

It really interests me how there are so many young people who seem to understand the world in a different way. This morning I was reading in a book about Christina von Dreien (a girl from Switzerland who experiences higher dimensions while living life in our 3D reality. She explains her point of view in the books.) and she was having a conversation with a man who is working with technologies like cybernetics. Cybernetics is an approach/method that can be applied in systems that have a self-destructive way of working. What do I mean with self-destructive? Maybe you have heard of the term ‘blackbox’. It is used to describe a system, like in companies, economic systems, school systems, etc. in which people who work with it don’t really seem to know what is really going on. They know how to put something in the system and how it comes out, but not how it actually works. I have a smaller, but really clear example of this; for a few weeks I was working at a postal company where I did the manual coding of the letters. I also had to sort the letters, based on size, in different boxes because of the machines that would process them. I didn’t really get how I had to sort the letters and they tried to explain the size and thickness of the letters but it sounded really abstract. At some point, one of the people guiding us, explained to me how the machines worked. Because I understood this, I could sort the letters the good way. They even asked me to do the sorting most of the time, because I was one of the few people who really understood what letter had to go where.

I noticed before that when I really can understand the system, I am interested and can work in a really fast way. A blackbox system is something that is not about understanding what is going on (like there is a black box over the processing part). Why do I call this self-destructive? If a system is not really being understood, or the mistakes are being surpressed, at one point it has to explode. The mistakes that are made are not being noticed or simply just ignored. So how do people apply cybernetics? If there is something about to go wrong in a system, it will inform and help to restore the mistakes. This way it won’t crash.

What I find interesting about this, is that it explains how people (used to) work. This way of working is getting less and less possible, because more people want to understand the why (why am I doing this?) and how (how does it work?). This makes it impossible for these people to work and live in a ‘blackbox-system’.

Our body is a beautiful example of a system that does work. It restores itself, because it works towards health all the time. Every movement has impact on something in the system, but in a way that it works together. Just as we see in nature, everything is connected and restores (if you’re interested in more information about how this works in nature, the trees are an example of this. They are all connected in different ways, work together and help out trees that are dying or hurt – sometimes also by disconnecting from that tree.). I feel like the generations that are now children and young adults (and some who are older), have a stronger connection with nature and the universe (also a beautiful example), which makes it almost impossible to work in a blackbox system. But because of the natural system of restoring itself, our body is giving us signs when we are not aligned with our natural selves.

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