At the end of march 2018 I received an opportunity that only a few of us get, called ‘cancer’. It held me back physically in a few ways, but made me take really big steps mentally and emotionally.

After a few months into this process, I noticed that the people and things around me weren’t changing, but that I was. And I’m still changing, that’s the exciting part. The way I look at things have already changed in a way that I can say now that I am grateful for the opportunity that I have gotten and that I don’t see cancer anymore as a deadly disease that I should be afraid of, but that my body was giving me a BIG sign that I had to change a few things in my way of living.

I noticed that, before the cancer, I was not accepting the dance with life. Once I dropped the control and started dancing, I realized that, earlier, I was making life waaay more difficult for myself than was necessary. Now I noticed that I’m falling in love with everything and everyone around me all over again and that I’m feeling like a little child who doesn’t have to worry about anything, even though the pictures at the hospital are still showing that I have cancer.

The last few months I met the most amazing people and had the most amazing experiences. I noticed that people are really inspired by the things I do and go through, and heard from a few people that I should start a blog. At first I was like ‘yeah maybe later’, but I actually felt like it was a good idea, so here it is!