Chapter 8: oct-dec 2019

  • Spiritual stuff

    A few weeks ago, a little while after I heard that I was healed, I went to a meditation course that I had been following for a few months. Once a month we would get together and go through meditations, healings and information about healing energetically, what would eventually mean physically. I could tell the […]

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  • Dolphins!!!!

    One week ago I was laying in the Red Sea in Egypt. And guess what? I wasn’t alone; I was swimming with dolphins!!!! Oh my god I had such an amazing time! Every day we could swim for about 4 hours with them. With swimming I mean singing, dancing, playing and connecting ;P. I learned […]

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  • The connection between healing and placing an intention

    This morning I was completely overthinking everything that’s going on in my life right now; earning money, what I want to do with my life, where I’m going to live, etc. So I decided to go outside, get a cup of coffee and clear my mind. When I was on my way back on the […]

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