Sharing event with Kirsten and Flo: 22 September, 7.30 – 9.30 PM

On Sunday 22nd of September, Kirsten and I will have a sharing event! We met each other a little over a year ago on healing events, while we were both going through a physical challenge. Kirsten has had ME for about 25 years, and the beginning of this year, she realized that her body changed and that she got her energy back! She did a lot of meditations with Joe Dispenza (creating a new reality by placing intentions) and healing with José Antonio Manchado (Tibetan healing). I found out at the end of March 2018 that I had cancer and did a lot with the Tibetan healing too. While I tried out different types of altenative healing, I also went to the hospital for regular treatment.

Over the last year, we connected more and more with each other and realized that we both have a lot to share! We decided to create this event to talk from the heart and share some tools and insights that can help other people to heal too. We will share this on the 22nd of September between 7.30 and 9.30 PM at Kleiweg 4, Baambrugge (a small village close to Amsterdam). This event is donation-based, which will be arranged at the night itself!

You can sign up here.

More events coming soon…