Around May 2018, I came across Rigpa Energetic Healing I learned using the tools over since then (from José Antonio Manchado, for more info, visit https://mundoarmonia.nl/). I was immediately hooked, because of the playfulness of this way of healing. At the time I received a healing. A few months before I found out I had cancer and I had been trying out a lot of different types of healing. But this one I never forgot.

When I found out it was possible to learn the tools myself, I immediately signed up! And it was so easy and fun to use! I decided to share this with more people, since it’s a very powerful way to dissolve emotional, physical and mental symptoms by just projecting energy.

Rigpa has been around for about 2500 years, first created by Tibetan monks. Since 25 years the masters have been sharing it with the world more and more. It helps people to get closer to their hearts, and to dissolve blockages that disconnect them. When you get closer to your heart, you will start to notice more flow in your life by doing what you truly enjoy doing.

When doing a session, we will talk a bit about what is going on (physically, emotionally or mentally) and how I can help. Then I will give a healing by just projecting energy, while you lay down on the massage table. After around 60 minutes, we will be done with the session. If you want, I can make a t-shirt based on the healing;

I started to make t-shirts about half a year ago and discovered that I mostly enjoy making them when there’s a feeling instead of an exact idea. That’s why I want to make a t-shirt based on a healing. This way the healing will continue when wearing the t-shirt. It’s like you’re wearing the ‘flow of the healing’.

The sessions will be done at Kleiweg 4 Baambrugge and will be 40 euro’s (if it’s too much money, we can discuss and find a way!). If you want a t-shirt with the healing, it will be 55 euro’s. Within 15 days after the healing you will receive the t-shirt.

For a session, please send me an e-mail on info@florinedecock.nl or give me a call on 0611261794 and I will let you know what dates & times are possible! For a healing with t-shirt, please let me know what size and color t-shirt you would like (see ‘info’ under ‘order a t-shirt’). The healings will be at Kleiweg 4 Baambrugge (a small village close to Amsterdam).