About Withjulesandflo

My sister Juliët and I came up with the idea of making an account on social media, where we can share work that we make together! For now, we are working on a book and making livestreams. Every once in a while, we also visit museums and look for new ways to be inspired by other artists. We love making art ourselves and experimenting with it!

The livestreams

Like I mentioned before, we are making livestreams! Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, we start at 10 AM at our Instagram- and Facebook accounts. In these livestreams, we talk about art and how we used the opportunity of Lyme’s disease and Cancer to learn more about ourselves. Because we feel like we could inspire people by sharing our experiences, we decided to make these livestreams.

At first, our motivation for the livestreams was the book we are currently creating, but we felt like we also could dive a bit deeper into the combination of art and healing. How can we use art to heal ourselves? How can we use our own way of healing to dive deeper into making art? And what does art actually mean?

Everything we talk about in the livestreams is based on our own experiences, this is also why we figure out the subject of the livestream a few days before we go live. We always love to hear feedback, comments and questions and to interact with the people listening.

About the book we’re making

Like I mentioned before, Juliët and I are making a book, based on the combination between art and healing. We sat down to see what the theme of the book, and by that, the livestreams would be. For us, art is about expression. And so is healing. We realized that the opposite of expression is depression, which kind of formed the theme of the book: ‘from depression to expression’. This realization brought a lot of new insights for us, and helped us to learn more about this subject, and how we relate to it.

The book is an expression for us too: we are both experimenting with – and finding new ways of making art. Juliët is making poems and I am making the paintings. For us, learning what expression is by expressing ourselves, is a healing. This is also why it is so beautiful to be able to share it!

Where can I find the book?

We are currently working on the paintings and poems inside the book, as well as brainstorming about the way it will look eventually. In the livestreams we bring updates and we already share some of the work, to give an image of what is coming! For us, it’s also not exactly sure what it’s going to look like, but with the time the book is forming itself :).

Where can I follow ‘Withjulesandflo’?

You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook (click on the words for the link to the page) and we will post the livestreams here too. We make announcements of the events on our Instagram and Facebook pages and I will post it here!

If you would like to make a comment, give feedback, or ask a question, please send us a message through our Instagram and Facebook page by sending a message, or send me a message on my private accounts (click here). During the livestreams, we also answer questions!